Issues making JBOSS 6.3.2 SQL JDBC connections when InsiteAgent.jar is applied

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Last Modified Date : 23/07/2018
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When trying to add the Insight Agent to  configured on JBOSS 6.3.2 with Microsoft SQL Server. , the data no longer comes in from the database.  If the is edited to remove loading the Agent jar, everything works as expected.  We use datasources with Spring to make the connection.  The agent is showing up on Application Insight through the portal and it looks like it's picking up the REST calls, but not the JDBC transactions.

WARN [org.jboss.modules] (http-/ Failed to define class in Module "" from local module loader @6d4b1c02 (finder: local module finder @6093dd95 (roots: /opt/jboss/latest/modules,/opt/jboss/latest/modules/system/layers/base/.overlays/layer-base-jboss-eap-6.3.2.CP,/opt/jboss/latest/modules/system/layers/base)):
java.lang.SecurityException: class ""'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package 
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The customer was using signed MS SQL driver jar in 3 different places.   Replaced this with  unsigned sqljdbc driver jar and we were was able to capture the transactions.
Used unsigned jar  "sqljdbc4-4.0.2206.100-unsigned.jar "  instead of the signed MS SQL driver jars when using  datasource with Spring to make JDBC connections.