Issues being closed during Status transitions

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Last Modified Date : 13/06/2018
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End users are noticing Issues being closed during Status transitions. There is a specific example where the Status is supposed to be changed to "In Progress", but it Issue is closed when the status is changed.

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The "Activity Log" shows the status being changed from "Open" to "In Progress", but the "Activity Type" is "Close".

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Important: It can also happens for other ticket types i.e. Request, Incident and Change Order.
Service Desk 17.1
Service Desk 17.0
Service Desk 14.0
It happens when the "Make Issue Active?" option is "Disabled" in the Status configuration.

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  1. Go to Administration -> Service Desk -> Issues -> Status. 
  2. Select "Work in Progress" 
  3. Enable the "Make Issue Active?" option - from "No" to "Yes". 
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Now the status is changed without closing the Issue (according to the end user expectation):

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