Issue with German decimal separator in data pool publish

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Last Modified Date : 31/05/2018
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I have a data pool in Data Maker. One of the columns contains a decimal value with a German decimal separator, the "," (comma), so the value looks like "1,98". The comma is affecting the resulting INSERT statement as the comma is interpreted as an additional column, which lead to a "too much values" error on the Oracle 12 database. The decimal value is accepted in Oracle in the INSERT statement, if it is in single quotes, e.g. '1,98', but this is not accepted by Data Maker, which reports a "not a number" error.
TDM 4.5
ORACLE 12 Database
Tried to create a workaround by using a pre-publish (I tried also pre-table) with "alter session set NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS = '.,' to change the decimal format temporarily. This worked fine in SQL+, but not in the publishing. 

Diagnostic Findings:
To work around that, go to your regional settings / Advanced and change the following :
- Decimal Symbol to « . »
- digit group to « , »
- list separator to « , »

To consider this as an enhancement, you should first describe in documentation that we support only US/UK locale and that you must always configure your regional settings to US/UK ones. AFAIK, this is not the case currently. So I should consider that, as we sell this product in France and other EMEA countries t(like NL, ...), it probably supports their decimal separator.
I have not found any good news within the cases or communities that resolves this issue. There seems to be a work around:

This problem was reviewed by senior colleagues and we believe the product works within its design parameters and the problem is therefore deemed an enhancement request. You can submit this enhancement request as an ‘Idea” through our Communities website located at:

Here Product Management can review this further and decide how and when to add it to the product. 

To work around the issue, go to your regional settings / Advanced and change the following :

- Decimal Symbol to « . »
- digit group to « , »
- list separator to « , »
- Restart and verify.

TDM doesn't support internationalization because if you use « , » as a decimal separator then TestMatch won't work, or default values calculation with random won't work. To work around that, you should always apply US/UK settings in your OS regional parameters like Decimal Symbol to « . », digit group to « , », list separator to « , »
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