ISPF dialog error "BATCH SUBMIT FTINCL JCKSKEL FAILED RC=8" when using the CA JCLCheck Workload Automation ISPF Batch Submit option.

Document ID : KB000025508
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why do I receive BATCH SUBMIT FTINCL JCKSKEL FAILED RC=8 with CA JCLCheck ISPF batch submit?



The "BATCH SUBMIT FTINCL JCKSKEL FAILED RC=8" error is received when the skeleton JCL is missing.

To allocate the missing skeleton JCL:

Modify your logon CLIST to allocate the CA JCLCheck WA CAZ2SKL0 library to the ISPSLIB DD. The CAZ2SKL0 library contains skeleton member JCKSKEL which is used for the CA JCLCheck WA ISPF Batch Submit option.

Tailor member JCKSKEL to match your installation requirements. If you are using AUTOPROC, comment out the JCHKPLIB DD statement. If CA TLMS option is used, remove the comment from the CAIVMFI DD statement and change the dataset. If the REXX interface is used, remove the comment from the SYSEXEC DD and change the dataset to where the REXX procedures are stored.

You may also receive the error if the JCKUSR clist is not properly customized or the current version is not being executed.   Verify that the correct version of JCKUSR from the CAZ2CLS0 library is used.



As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA JCLCheck if you have further questions.