Is Tomcat 8.0 available with CA Common Services R14.1?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Tomcat release available in CA Common Services 14.1 is 7.0.40, while CA Vantage 14.0 Web GUI provides Tomcat 8.0.29.
Tomcat 8.0.29 supports SSL connections using SAF managed certificates and keyrings, which 7.0.40 does not.
We are installing the Endevor Web Services, using the CCS distribution of Tomcat, so we can't use SAF managed certificates,
which is our standard.

Are you planning on releasing Tomcat 8.0.29 with CA Common Services and when?


When Tomcat 8.0.29 release will be available with CA Common Services 14.1?

CA Common Services - Tomcat 8.0.29 - z/OS supported releases -

Many CA products require or optionally need Apache Tomcat as their Web Application Server. Apache Tomcat lets you share the binary executables and still run separate instances of Apache Tomcat as needed in your environment.

With the CCS implementation of Apache Tomcat (CCS Apache Tomcat) installation, CA Technologies products can now share the implementation across all CA Technologies products.

Apache Tomcat 7.0.40 is contained within the Optional Common Services pax file. We now package the latest version of
Apache Tomcat (8.0.39) as a PTF. We refer to this PTF as CCS Apache Tomcat throughout this article.

We recommend that you install CCS Apache Tomcat (PTF) for the following reasons:

- This PTF provides you with latest functionality that Apache Tomcat 8.0.39 supports.
It fixes all known Apache Tomcat vulnerabilities.

- This version of Apache Tomcat (8.0.39) now contains support for WTO messages that you can use for automating tasks.

- This PTF now contains JCL (in a central location) that you can use to install, deploy, and configure this common component.

- By default, we ship CCS Apache Tomcat with SSL security enabled. In this article, we describe how to implement alternative
security configurations to help protect your Apache Tomcat environments.

This PTF is: APAR #: RO93791


Additional Information:

You can check CA Common services 14.1 documentation at the following link: