Is there the way to send the notification when the change password is done without any problem?

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Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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Is there the way to receive the notification like the email or something else when the password change is done without any problem. The expectation is to receive the result if it completed passively, not actively by user.
CA Privileged Access Manager 3.x
There is not a specific feature to meet the expectation. 

As the workaround, as the syslog will receive like the following log when the password is changed by the schedule job, any 3rd vendor's log watcher application and monitoring the syslog, and make it send the email by the trigger. 
Apr 6 04:24:09 xxxxx03-pam11 pam DETAIL <Metric><type>updateTargetAccountPassword</type><level>1</level><description><hashmap><k>commandInitiator</k><v>SCHEDULER</v><k>TargetAccount.ID</k><v>1025</v><k></k><v>xxxxx3-p6200-emp001</v><k>x_generatePassword</k><v>true</v><k>initiatingUser</k><v>super</v><k>password</k><v></v><k>TargetServer.hostName</k><v></v><k>confirmPassword</k><v></v><k>x_useTargetGroup</k><v>false</v><k>passwordGenerated</k><v>true</v><k>TargetAccount.userName</k><v>emp001</v></hashmap></description><errorCode>0</errorCode><userID>ScheduledJob</userID><success>true</success><originatingIPAddress></originatingIPAddress><originatingHostName></originatingHostName><extensionType></extensionType></Metric> 

Also, the log will be sent to syslog by UDP protocol only. It cannot send it to the syslog by TCP protocol as a design.
If it expects to send the syslog by TCP, Splunk integration can make it use the TCP protocol to send the syslog.