Is there the possibility to insert BREL fields in notification message template?

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BREL fields in Message Template for Notification  


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Message templates can be customized and additional fields can be added: is that true also for BREL fields?

CA Service Desk 12.9CA Service Desk 14.1

A BREL is a one-to-many relationship.

This kind of information can be extracted, in a notification, by using the dot syntax and including the ‘.n’ where n can be 0,1,2 .. corresponding to the first, the second, the third element etc., depending on what exactly is needed. 


Following is an example.

Organizations are linked to a Configuration Item with a BREL relationship: multiple organizations can be associated to a single CI.

The output of the bop_sinfo command on the nr (configuration item) factory:

bop_sinfo -fd nr

shows, for orgref, the following:

(orgref BREL <- (LREL org) {nr = ?})


Consider a CI having several Organizations associated to it.

Consider a Call_Req having the above CI set in Configuration_Item field.

If from this Call_Req we want to send a manual notification containing the names of the first two Organizations associated to the Configuration Item set in the Call_Req, the notification message has to contain the following:


Name of first Organization: @{}

Name of second Organization: @{}



call_req_id:            refers to the call_req where the notification is sent from

affected_resource:  refers to the configuration item (set in 'Configuration Item' field)

orgref:                   refers to the organizations associated to the configuration item above

0:                          refers to the first element of these organizations

name:                    refers to the name of the organization identified by ‘0’, the first organization