Is there anything in a logonid record that will tell me if a user's password will expire on a specific date

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there anything in a LOGONID record that can be used to work out when a
password will expire and need to be changed? 



There is no specific field in the logonid record that will indicate when a password will expire or need to be changed. 
However, there are a few fields that , when worked together, will indicate an expiry date. 
In the logonid record are three password date fields... 
PSWD-TOD - regular password encryption (XDES)
PSWA1TOD - AES1 encryption
PSWA2TOD - AES2 encryption.

Also in the logonid is a field called MAXDAYS - this will define the maximum number of days before a password needs to be changed. 
if that is not set, then the PSWDMAX field of the C(GSO) PSWD record will give a default life of a password. 
if you add MAXDAYS or PSWDMAX to the PASSWORD date field, you can work out when a password will expire.