Is there any way to move the MUFNAME or the MUF jobname to a different position on CA Datacom messages?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Multiuser (MUF) startup option MUFMSG can be used to identify, via MUFNAME and/or MUF jobname, the CA Datacom region that has issued a message.  

MUF jobname and/or MUFNAME are then prefixed to the message; for example:


prints the MUF jobname and the MUFNAME on most messages issued by the MUF and some of the messages that concern communication with a MUF, like:

jobname:mufname:DB00903I - OPENED, BASE -    nn


However, some automation products do not work correctly if any string (like MUF jobname or MUFNAME) is prefixed to the messages identifier.


Is there any way to have the MUF identifiers printed along with the CA Datacom messages but not prefixed to the messages themselves?


Multiuser (MUF) startup option MESSAGE can be used to move the identifier(s) after the text of selected messages.

For example, using the following MUF startup options:


only the DB00903I message will be printed in this way:

DB00903I - OPENED, BASE -     nn:jobname:mufname

Additional Information:

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