Is There Any Sample Ldapsearch Command To List CA ACF2 LOGONIDs that start with A Specific character or set of characters?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Here is a sample LDAPSEARCH command to list CA ACF2 LOGONIDs which start with a specific character or group of characters.


Here's a sample LDAPSEARCH command to list LOGONIDs whose logonid starts with H (as an example).

ldapsearch -x -D cn=admuser -w admpswd -h hostname -p 389 -s one -b "acf2admingrp=lids,host=xxxx,o=yyy,c=zz" (acf2lid=H*).

If you wanted to check for a few characters you could change the value of ACFLID= to (for example) ACFLID=HIJ* - which will show all logonids that begin HIJ

You can see other sample ldapsearch commands for various cases in the pages for Sample CA LDAP Server Search Commands in the chapter for CAACF2_UTF Back-end in CA LDAP Server for z/OS Product Guide.