Is there any procedure to upgrade the PAM releases?

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Last Modified Date : 03/10/2018
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Before upgrading the PAM version, it is suggested to follow up the Update Path. Avoiding a required patch may alter the functionality of the product causing possible failures.



I have to upgrade to a release that is a 2.X version or my current one to the latest one. Is there any procedure to do that ?

Can I do a rollback to a previous version?


Any Environment

Before upgrading to any release, you need to verify the requirements in docops.
Upgrade 2.7 and lower versions:
Upgrade 2.8:
Upgrade 2.8.X:
Upgrade 3.0:
Upgrade to 3.0.x: h
Upgrade to 3.1.x:
Upgrade to 3.2.x:
Upgrade to 3.2.2:

It is not possible to do a rollback. However, there are workarounds in case you need to return to a previous release:

If your PAM is installed in a Virtual Machine:

Before upgrading a CA PAM VMware VM, take a snapshot of the VM so that you have a backup in case it is later needed. CA PAM normally creates a backup automatically as a first step when upgrading a hardware appliance. However, this step is not performed during a CA PAM VM upgrade because a VM does not have a secondary drive.

If your PAM is a physical appliance: 

Before applying the update, CA PAM copies its primary drive (SSD) data (including database and configuration files) onto its backup drive. If there is any issue following upgrade, your CA PAM can be restored from that backup drive to its pre-upgrade state. Except if you upgrade from 2.8.x to 3.x.


Additional Information:
  • After the automatic reboot completes, but before you log in again: 

a. For each browser you use to access CA PAM, clear its cache, and close it. 

b. Clear your Java cache in the Java JRE. 

c. Restart your browser. These instructions are applicable to every CA PAM client that connects to the appliance. Communicate them to both administrators and end users.


  • The upgrade installation process may take several minutes to complete because it first backs up your previous firmware, configuration, and provisioning database.
  • Keep your browser open at least until you see a reboot message.
  • Do not interrupt the upgrade process.