Is there a way to tell what job opened or closed a file in the past defined to CA DADS Plus for CICS?

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Last Modified Date : 25/05/2018
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The client ran into a problem with a file in CICS. The client wanted to know if there is an audit trail to see if CA DADS Plus CICS opened or closed a file in the past?
The CA DADS Plus online inquiry only shows the last action done on the file.
Then you have the DADSLOG which is attached to the CICS output. You can search the DADSLOG for the activity for the file in question. But that only tracks actions against the file since the last CICS recycle.
You may have a FCT DADSAUD defined to CICS which is the CA DADS Plus Audit file. You will see references to file changes by running the Audit report. The DADSAUD audit file is optional so you may not have one defined to the CICS region in question.
You can use the CEMT command to see if a DADSAUD file exists and use the JCL below to produce the audit report.
Cemt I file(DADSAUD)
//AUIT     EXEC PGM=DADBAUIT,REGION=700K                               
//STEPLIB  DD DSN=DADSPLUS.LOADLIB,DISP=SHR                                  
//DADS01   DD DSN=DADSPLUS.CONTROL.FILE,DISP=SHR                       

For addition resources please reference the CA DADS Plus R 4.0 User's guide Chapter 13 for the Audit report.