Is there a way to set up Functional Access to a custom table?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There is a Role security setting named "Functional Access". A Functional Access area is a group of objects that lets you restrict user access. You can edit access levels for Roles on Additional Information, Function Access tab of a Role Detail screen. This document explains step by step how to add the Functional Access setting to a custom table, to limit user access.


How to add the Functional Access setting to a custom table? 


You can set up the Functional Access area to the customer table as shown below.

* If you do not need to create a new Functional Access Area, please skip to the step 3.


  1. Log into Service Desk and open [Administration] tab. Go to 'Security and Role Management' > 'Functional Access' and click on <Create New> button.


  2. Fill in the 'Symbol' and 'Code' fields and save it.
    The created Functional Access is added to all Roles automatically and "Modify" Access Level is assigned to them. 


  3. Log into Web Screen Painter and launch Schema Designer.

  4. Select the custom table you would like to set up the Functional Access and select the Function Access Group you created on the step 2 or your desired one.


  5. Go to 'File' > 'Save and Publish' and close Web Screen Painter.


  6. Stop the Service Desk service and run the command "pdm_publish" in the Command Prompt.


  7. Start the Service Desk service. Log into Service Desk and go to 'Security and Role Management' > 'Functional Access'.

  8. Change the Access Level to every Role appropriately by clicking on <Edit in List> button.



Additional Information:

TEC1342963: A newly added Functional Access does not work.


DocOps - ITSM 14.1 Wiki: Create a Functional Access Area