Is there a way to mass update email recipients of job notifications?

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Last Modified Date : 18/05/2018
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Our client will be changing existing personal and group email distribution lists and we are wondering if there is an easy way to make the changes in DE (dseries). We have almost 1500 jobs and most of them have multiple notifications for successful and failed executions.
CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries)
The best practice is to use variables or javascripts for the email recipients. This way you can update the email recipients information without going through all the jobs.

Please follow these steps;
1. In Services on the Desktop Client, create a global variable named 'emailaddr' in a default context with the value of the email address say ''.
2. In Services create a javaScript using the getVar function to get the value of the global variable and assign the value to a variable as below; = getVar('emailaddr','default');
3. Specify the javaScript to run at job run time in the job and use the in the Email Notification.
When the script runs, is assigned the value of
You can use the WOB, APPL or ESP level prefix depending on where you want to use the javaScript and variable.
Additional Information:
A workaround is to export the applications using the imexutil utility and parse the data to make the change. Note that manual updates on application xml files can introduce other problems if not managed properly.