Is there a way to manually force the sync of data between the primary and secondary SpectroSERVERS?

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Last Modified Date : 21/11/2018
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As part of an upcoming server maintenance, we will stop Spectrum services for one night. 
I did not find any information about the replication of data from primary to secondary and vice versa. Is there a way to manually force this sync?

What we want to do:
I want to stop the spectrum primary poller for 6 hours, the service will be ensured by the secondary spectrum. 
How to be sure that when the primary will be relaunched, the data from secondary are therefore up to date?

Unless there is a way to avoid stopping of spectrum service but of experience, every time the server was interrupted, the database was corrupted.
Is there a way to manually force the sync of data between the primary and secondary SpectroSERVERS, to ensure continued event monitoring and no loss of stored alerts in the Archive Manager ?
Fault tolerant Spectrum.
1. to kick off a synch from primary to secondary SpectroSERVERS, run an online backup from the OneClick gui -> VNM model -> info tab -> online database backup -> "begin backup now" ......see image below.
This will perform the backup of the primary SSDB, FTP it to the secondary, and restore it.

2. Depending on what kind of stoppage the primary SpectroSERVER is facing, there will be different actions to take.
 e.g. if you have to stop the primary SpectroSERVER but do you need to stop the primary Archive Manager running also, then there will be no break in monitoring, as the events will continue to log in the primary Archive Manager, even after the SpectroSERVERS have switched.

3. If the primary Archive Manager also has to be stopped, then the events will be stored locally on the secondary SSdb.
Once the primary Archive Manager comes back online, it will synchronize automatically with the local events on the secondary.
This is controlled from the OC gui -> VNM model -> info tab ->SpectroERVER Control -> Event log information....... see image below.
Here we can see how many events are stored locally in the DDMdb while the Archive Manager is down.
You may need to increase the max log size to avoid having any events purged.
The default is 20,000 and should be increased to at least 200,000 if you wish to avoid losing event over an extended period.
We have to be careful that there is enough free space on the hard drive of the SSDB, but if there is, we can increase this number.
This can be done from the SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc


This will ensure that no events are dropped while the secondary is down.

4. If you need monitoring of new events to function, while the primary Archive Manager is down, you will need to have the Archive Manager enabled on the secondary SpectroSERVER.
This is only for purposes of displaying events in OneClick and are not synched afterward, which is done with the locally stored events discussed in step 3.