Is there a way to identify when an application load module was created by Ideal?

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Last Modified Date : 18/09/2018
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When browsing an application load module, is there anything inside the module that would clue me in that it was created from an Ideal source program?

Any copyright, module identifiers or hex code at some location?
z/os CA Datacom/DB 15.0, Ideal 14.0 and higher
How to identify an Ideal module

When doing a display of the module using the @I$SCF command in IPCV or IDLX you may see the following information:
( Note that it can be done via CICS using DBUT transaction as well.)
- Ideal Load Modules have a Coremark which can be recognized by the "QQQQLMID" string.

Suppose you are getting the following info from load module PHBEDIT in sys ARP

At offset 10 is the Module name follows (7char)  with ending character: U, R, S or P.
At offset 1B is the System name.     [i.e. ARP
At offset 1E is the program name.  [ i.e. PHBEDIT ]
At offset 26 is the version of the program ( vvv ).   [ i.e. 013 ]
At offset 29 there is the Ideal Compile date/time ( yymmddhhmmss  ).  [ i.e. 160616 104401 ]
At offset 35 there is the Ideal pgm release.  [ i.e. 140 ]
At offset 3A is the program name.  [ i.e. PHBEDIT ]
At offset 41 there is the Ideal Create date/time ( yymmddhhmmss ).      [ i.e. 161212 170346 ]
At offset 4D there is the Ideal pgm release.  [ i.e. 140 ]
That should match the following information you can see and compare with  what is reflected in DDOL when using following command:
Display Attribute /Module, $Ipgmphbedit(prod)  

Load module sample:
Load module sample

DDOL sample (same information is available).  
User-added image
Additional Information:
Ideal program suffix character
The 8th position of an Ideal program name contains a character that reflects the type of module it is:
               R = reentrant (non-updateable)
               U = updateable
               S = symbol table
               P = reentrant part of panel