Is there a way to force a job out of the "waiting for initiator" state?

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Last Modified Date : 11/09/2018
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When a job goes into STARTING status but is waiting for an available initiator on the agent side, is there a way to force the job to run before an initiator becomes available?
The only way you could force the job out of the "waiting for initiator" state would be to temporarily increase the number of available initiators for the job class on the agent side. To do this, you would edit the agentparm.txt file on the agent machine and increase the initiator value for the job class. You would then need to bounce the agent to read it in. As soon as the agent comes up, the job that was waiting would start running since there is now an available initiator. You would then need to set the value back and bounce the agent again to return to previous configuration. This is not pretty, but it would be the only way to do what you are looking to do. Also, for this method to work, you must make sure neither of the following parameters are set in the agentparm.txt file when you bounce the agent...


If either one of these are set, not only will waiting job not run, the agent will actually forget about that job and it will be stuck in STARTING at that point.