Is there a way to define varying rates for the same role on a project in CA PPM?

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Last Modified Date : 16/07/2018
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Is there a way to define varying rates for the same role on a project in CA PPM? 

Example: Architect (1) may be located in Europe with one rate, while Architect (2) may be located In the United States and have a different rate that should be used based on that location.

This can be done by use of the Role's Staff OBS Unit populated on the Team for the project and linking that to either the Location or Department OBS defined on a rate matrix. See the following Tech Tip for more details on how to this up by Department or Location: Tuesday Tip: Cost Plans Grouped by Role and Location OBS Unit -OR- Role and Department OBS Unit

To update the Staff OBS Unit for the role(s):
1. Go to Home->Projects->Project->Team  tab and click Configure
2. Add Staff OBS Unit as a Selected Column and click Save and Return
3. Now you are able to add Staff OBS Units for multiple values at the same time from the Team list view. 

Note: In order for an OBS to be available to select as a OBS for the Staff OBS field, the OBS has to be associated with the Resource object. Additionally, in order for that same OBS to also be available to select as a value on the Rate Matrix for Location, it has to be associated with an Entity's Location OBS. Below are the steps to do this. 
  1. Go to Administration->Setup and click Locations under the Organizational Structure section 
  2. Click New 
  3. Enter the required information including Location Name, Location ID, Entity (browse for the Entity you want to use), and Description and click Save and Return 
  4. This will add the new Location under the Location OBS that the entity linked to in step 3 is associated with
Additional Information:
Reference Setup Financial Locations for more details on setting up a Financial Location