Is there a way to create Action Macros in CA Service Desk?

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Last Modified Date : 13/08/2018
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Because of some business requirements, sometimes customers need to create an action macro to be used with specific events, but there is no option available for creating this kind of macro type. The only available macro types are "Attach Event", "Execute Remote Reference", "Multiple Notification" and "Site-defined condition".

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There are some OOTB action macros and customers ask how to create a similar one (some examples below):

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Is there a way to create Action Macros in CA Service Desk?
CA Service Desk 17.1
CA Service Desk 17.0
CA Service Desk 14.1
Action Macros cannot be created as they contain SPEL code. There is no supported method to accomplish this, which is why "Action" is not available in the Macro type drop down. Similarly, there is no supported method to modify existing Action Macro's. The Lock Object, whether set to Yes or No, will only allow you to modify the Symbol field and Macro Description field.

If you would like to create custom Action Macros, you can research about this topic in the CA Service Management Community or even to engage CA Services to develop them.