Is there a way to configure Event Agent on Unix/Linux to forward all it's Event Management Messages to another server for processing other then to configure a message/record rule with a FORWARD action?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Just like in Windows Event Agent has the environmental variable CA_OPERA_NODE, this variable has now been added to Unix/Linux Event Agent r11.2.


CA-Network and Systems Management r11.2, Event Agent has been added a new environment variable CA_OPERA_NODE. This variable will be used to specify the destination node for event messages sent to Event Management on the local node. Messages will be forwarded to the destination node for processing.

For this to work the CA_OPR_DBUSE environment variable should be set to NO; This prevents the Event Agent from loading any new policies from it's Event Manager defined in CAI_OPR_REMOTEDB.

Rules for CA_OPERA_NODE nodename value:

  1. The nodename value may not contain spaces

  2. The nodename must not exceed 64 characters in length

Tip: Before setting CA_OPERA_NODE, test the value using cawto -n <destination-nodename> <message text>

If the CCI connection is configured properly and the nodename is correct, the message will appear in the console log on the<destination-node>.

Default: CA_OPERA_NODE is not set by default and assumes the local node.

This setting can be modified in $CAIGLBL0000/opr/scripts/envusr file.

For this setting to take effect the above file must be sourced and Event Management Daemon must be restarted.

Example of sourcing:
From the directory of $CAIGLBL0000/opr/scripts
#. ./envusr
#unicycle opr