Is there a way to cancel a users CA Dispatch logon session?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I cancel a CA Dispatch user's logon session? (For this example we will use LONSC01 as the userid).



First, you need to obtain the LTERM ID that the user is logged on through. 


-At the ENTER NEXT TASK CODE prompt issue this command: DCUF SHO USERS ALL

   The display looks like this:


     *USER ID                         PRI  *LTERMID

     MISJO01                           000  UCFLT001

     LONSC01                          000  VTMLT051

     V1  Enter Next Task Code DSB0: 

   * You will want to make a note of the LTERMID associated to the user you want to cancel.


-Then, at the ENTER NEXT TASK CODE prompt issue this command: DCMT V LTE ltermid RES DEL


This command will attempt to vary the users terminal offline and in turn, will try to force the users logoff. So in this example, since the LTERM ID is VTMLT051 the syntax of the command will be: 


This command, if successful, will cancel the users logon session and will delete/free the resources associated to that users terminal.  


Additional Information: 

In some instances, depending on what the user was doing and how the terminal session is bound to IDMS, this command may not work and you may receive a "ADS IN USE" message. If you receive this, or any other error message, you will need to recycle the CA Dispatch started task in order to force the users logoff.