Is there a simple way to obtain any held message that requires a response so we can route it to a display screen?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We run a multi O/S shop with 30 - 40 consoles. It is impossible for the operators to monitor all of them. Is there a way to trap messages that require a response and send a message to another console or a VM userid?


Yes, use $ACTION.

  • $HOLD take action when any held message hits the console.

  • $ACTION take action when a reply is required or + or - between the partition ID and the number


Enter AO from the FAQS console,

 Select 'I' Initialization and Configuration

Select 'M' Message Definitions

Edit the message action file you  are using, put an 'A' next to a member

Define the action similar to below.  Action Name can be anything

  Action Name ==> NTFYACTN        _______________________      
  Message   = ==> $ACTION      Special   Scan ( 01 , 01 )      

Put an 'X' in notify and enter the USER ID of the VM user you wish to Notify.

  _ Notify   ( x  ) Type= msg     User= userid     Node=      RSCS= 
PF5=Save then PF3=Return then