Is there a limit to the number of TPX profiles a user can have?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I want to define TPX profiles having only one session/application defined. Because I have a lot of applications are there any limitations in assignment to users?

Can I define e.g. 500 profiles to a user?


There is nothing in CA-TPX code that limits the number of profiles which can be defined for a user.

There is also no limit to the number of sessions you can define in each profile.

For 'Static' or 'Half Dynamic' TPX users which are saved into the TPX ADMIN2 file please consider the following.

Because the list of profiles is appended to the user record in ADMIN2 you may run into the problem that the maximum RECORDSIZE of the TPX ADMIN2 file is too small when trying to save the record.

In the TPXLOG you will see a message 'TPXL0400 VSAM ERROR with RTNCD/FDBK = 0008006C'.

The delivered ADMIN2 file has a maximum RECORDSIZE of 2000 bytes. You may need to REORG your ADMIN2 file with a bigger maximum RECORDSIZE so that the user record with the appended profile list fits again.

The limitation here is due to VSAM's record size limit of 32k for non-spanned files.

However you should bear in mind the fact that the more profiles each user has the longer it could take to log on because of reading the VSAM file and merging the profiles for each user.

Also STORAGE is a primary consideration for overall limitations of CA-TPX definitions (tables/profiles/sessions/users/virtual terminals).

While CA-TPX provides for 'unlimited' definitions of CA-TPX entities, the storage boundaries of your CA-TPX region size (and CA-TPX/SMRT table storage definitions) will limit the overall information you can define for a single CA-TPX.