Is there a limit on the maximum number of Workstation connections per IP address?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ESP Workstation establishes 2 TCP/IP connections (one command channel and one status channel) for each user when they log on. This is why the number of connections is twice the number of workstation users. In contrast, the ESP Web Interface only creates one connection (a command channel).


When WSS receives a connection request, it checks its active connections for other connections from the same IP address.


MAXCON_PERIP limits the number of TCP/IP connections between WSS and a single IP address.

If MAXCON_PERIP is 16, then 8 users can log on from the same IP address. If the WSS receives an additional connections request while 8 users (16 connections) are logged on, it will reject the request and write error message 2888 to the JESMSGLG with reason code 8.

MAXCON_PERIP concerns only complete logons.

The only limit on MAXCON_PERIP is that it should not exceed MAXCON_TOTAL.


There is no limit on MAXCON_TOTAL. Since MAXCON_TOTAL is the limit on connections from all IP addresses, there is no guarantee that MAXCON_PERIP can be reached for every IP address.

MAXCON_TOTAL concerns logons in progress; once a logon is complete, the WSS doesn't count it when checking this limit.