Is there a limit for the number of Objects ENTMs SQL database?

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Last Modified Date : 25/06/2018
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  1. Is there a limit for the number of Objects ENTMs SQL database?
  2. Is there a point where performance will start to degrade?
  3. Are there any similar limits I may need to worry about with ENTM?
Enterprise Management Server
Any supported SQL Server type
  1. No, there is no limit for Objects in the SQL tables of ENTM.
  2. The number of objects in a table should not cause any general performance problems on normal actions. This number could start to effect the speed of generic (large set) searching related to the specific object type. For example if speaking about account objects, listing all or a large number of accounts using wildcards could take a long time. It could also effect the speed of performing bulk actions on large sets of accounts, like if you do password changes for a hundred thousand accounts at once.
  3. Yes, it may be important to know that when working with PIM seosdb's (including DH__, DMS__, and DH__Writer on ENTM) there is a limit of 1 Million Objects. It is important to note that this is not related to the SQL Database.
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More information on the seosdb limitation from question 3 can be found here: