Is there a distributed sample job to copy out (REPRO backup) any NetMaster (or SOLVE) VSAM KSDS file to a sequential file, so that it can then be copied in (REPRO restore) to the newly redefined (DEF CLUSTER) file?

Document ID : KB000053356
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sometimes it is necessary, after the NetMaster (or SOLVE) region is shut down, or at least after the file is unallocated using the UNALLOC command, to change the VSAM KSDS file characteristics, such as the file size (because it was full or due to increased file usage). To achieve it, the file must be backed up to a sequential file, reallocated, and finally restored to its new VSAM KSDS definition.


The IPREORG member in hlq.IPSAMP is the only distributed sample provided to reorganize IPLOG.

However, it can be readapted to any other VSAM KSDS file, including VFS.

The following DCB (DD2 DD) is for the sequential dataset based on this sample, and can be used to copy out (REPRO backup) any NetMaster (or SOLVE) region VSAM KSDS file to a sequential file:

    //SYSIN    DD DUMMY 
    //         SPACE=(CYL,(&BKUPPRI,&BKUPSEC)), 
    //         DCB=(RECFM=U,BLKSIZE=32760),             

Please see the hlq.IPSAMP(IPREORG) member for full reorganization details.