Is there a comprehensive list of CA Easytrieve Online abend-codes?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following is a list of CA Easytrieve Online abend codes:

Abends generated by the runtime code generator (ETCGP)

ECGO Invalid request passed to code generator

Abends generated by the runtime code generator (ETCGP)

EHMD Invalid domain id. Usually means that a Heap Tag is invalid
EHMF Invalid freemain request
EHMH Invalid heap tag
EHMI Invalid storage control request
EHML Length error
EHMN No storage available
EHMO Internal procedure stack overflow
EHMQ Invalid FAD chain
EHMR Error reading temporary storage record
EHMV Storage overrun detected
EHMW Error writing temporary storage record
EHMX Error resolving relocatable pointer

Abends generated by the input/output statement handler (ETISH)

EI00 Invalid request passed to input/output statement handler
EI01 An input/output statement referenced a file that had not been activated
EI02 Load for access method interface routine failed
EI03 Insufficient main storage
EI04 Attempt to deactivate a file not on the active file list for the current activity
EI05 File referenced in an illegal statement
EI06 Invalid file manager call issued/feature not supported or not implemented
EI09 Presentation manager error while browsing a printer file
EI0A File control validity check failed
EI0X Unexpected response received for a CICS/VS command

Abends generated by activity management (ETJAI)

EJA1 Insufficient storage

Abends generated by System Spool Printer Interface Module (ETPIMJS)

EJS0 Spool file open error
EJSC Spool file close error
EJSW Spool file write error

Abends generated by the CICS task execution control program (ETKXCON)

EKX0 Application request not understood by ETKXCON
EKX1 CA-Easytrieve Online termination in progress
EKX2 ETKXCON unable to load runtime system modules
EKX5 Error reading/writing PLA to auxiliary storage
EKX6 Resume program version validation error
EKX7 Quiesce requested by linked to program
EKX8 Internal stack overflow

Abends generated by the task management program (ETKMP)

EKX3 Error initializing heap local domain
EKX4 Error terminating heap local domain
EKX8 Internal register stack overflow
EKXA Percolated abend after linked to program abends
EKXI Invalid request
EKX0 Invalid option update order
EKXS (E) STAE exit is taking a SNAP dump
EKXR Internal errror during task termination

Abends generated by the printer file manager (ETPFMP)

EPR0 Invalid function code
EPR1 Invalid printer file handle passed to CLOSE or WRITE function
EPR2 Error opening the printer file
EPR3 Error closing the printer file
EPR4 Error writing the printer file
EPR5 Cannot find printer definition
EPR6 Error opening the system message file
EPR9 Insufficient storage

Abends generated by reporting (ETRPTIR)

ERP1 Insufficient storage for report work area
ERP2 Insufficient storage for summary work area

Abends generated by Runtime Initialization Stub (ETRSINIT)

ERS0 Runtime system initialization/termination error
ERS1 Transfer of control failure

Abends generated by the Terminal Printer Despooler Program (ETTPIP)

ETID Unsupported printer device
ETIO Internal stack overflow
ETIS Invalid spooled report encountered
ETIX Task initialization/termination error

Abends generated by the Terminal Printer Interface Program (ETPIMTP)

ETPS Unable to start the terminal printer despooler transaction

Abends generated by the SQL interface (ETSQXP, ETAMISQ)

ESQ1 The PAN/SQL interface has not been initialized
ESQ2 Cannot process SQL files. One of the following conditions was detected
1. The SQL data block address in the initialization parameter list is zero
2. The cursor descriptor block is missing
ESQX Critical error detected during execution of an SQL request. Condition
code is 16 or more returned from PAN/SQL
ESQY An SQL request was made and the SQL interface was not initialized

Abends generated by the virtual file manager (ETVFMP, ETVDSMP, ETVBMP)

EVF0 Invalid request passed to virtual file manager
EVF1 Insufficient main storage
EVF2 The maximum number of VFM datasets allowed for a single program was
EVF3 Virtual file not found, ie a runtime component attempted to perform an
input/output operation on a system virtual dataset that had not been previously opened
EVF4 Invalid file handle
EVF5 For an input file the record read from the virtual file was longer than the
caller's input area. For an output file the record to be written to the virtual
file was longer than the maximum logical record length of the file.
EVF6 An unrecoverable input/output error occurred on the VFM dataset
EVF7 Insufficient space in the VFM dataset to contain the file
EVF8 Invalid request returned by the input/output system. This is a general failure
category that covers a lot of errors.
EVF9 Leading and trailing record lengths are not equal
EVFA Error opening the VFM dataset
EVFB Out of buffers. Either DEVICE MEMORY was specified or one or more VFM files
specified memory. There is not enough memory to hold all the data that must
be held in memory.
EVFC Cannot find block. A READBUFFER request was issued for a memory resident
VFM file but the buffer manager could not find the requested block in the buffer pool.
EVFD Invalid bitmap block read from disk
EVFE Error reading from or writing to the VFM dataset
EVFF Too much pending work queued
EVFG Invalid level number on a read block request
EVFH Attempt to read a data block that does not exist
EVFI Load for VFM dataset handler failed

Abends generated by the program link manager (ETPMPLP)

EPML Error when linking to another program (CICS only)

Abends generated by the Sort Interface

ESIB Non zero return code from the sort