Is Portfolio Timeline customizable?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is Portfolio Timeline customizible?


Portfolio Timeline App cannot be customized because it is not a stand alone app and the source code for it is not available in RallyApps/app-catalog github repo.
By default Portfolio Timeline is available under Portfolio tab in Rally. Also, per documentation here Portfolio Timeline App can be installed on custom pages and dashboards, which may seem to indicate that it is a stand alone app, but it is not. The only difference between the Portfolio Timeline under Portfolio tab and the app installed on custom pages and dashboards is the ability to filter the data using manual queries. Here is a screenshot of default Portfolio Timeline:

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And below is a screenshot of the Portfolio Timeline App installed from the catalog. This installation provide Settings under the gear menu in the upper right corner:

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which allows manual queries:

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Here is Portfolio Timeline App filtered by a query (Release.Name = "R1") :

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See General Query Examples for WS API syntax, and Portfolio Item Query Examples specific to PI types.
Both the standard Portfolio Timeline page and the Portfolio Timeline App installed from the app catalog on a custom page or a dashboard come with a built in Filter UI component:?

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while the Portfolio Timeline App installed from the catalog allows also a query box for manual entry of custom queries.