Is MetaCOBOL 1.1 compatible with COBOL 5.2 ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is MetaCOBOL 1.1 compatible with COBOL 5.2 ?  


MetaCOBOL is a precompiler. You take the output from the precompiler and feed it into whatever compiler you choose. That determines the version of COBOL of the output object module. Because you are free to choose your compiler, MetaCOBOL's output has to be standard COBOL. It will run through the COBOL 4.2 compiler, the COBOL 5.1 compiler, etc.

Additional Information:

1) CA MetaCOBOL is stabilized and the End of Life date is February 15, 2017. However, MetaCOBOL will be included in CA-Datacom/DB 15.1. Customers who do not have a CA Datacom/DB license will need to woek with their CA accoune team to acquire a CA Datacom/DB MetaCOBOL license. 


2) There is one caveat that may apply depending on how old a version of COBOL you are upgrading from. If you are already on LE/370, then you should disregard this. 
Sites migrating from a non-LE370 (or LE390, etc.) environment to IBM AD/CYCLE LANGUAGE ENVIRONMENT/370 will require replacement load modules for the MetaCOBOL+ 1.1 ISPF DIALOGS. Please contact CA Technical Support if this applies to you.