Is it require to reboot Policy Server for failover of ODBC data source?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When ODBC is used at a policy store, if two or more data sources are specified, I think that fail over framework is possible as indicated in the following URL. 
Is it required to reboot policy server to reconnect to DB#1 (Master) instead of DB#2 (Slave) in below timing of #(3) in Outline of scenario?


? Premise 
- Two sets of databases have a master / slave framework. 
- DB#1(Master) /DB#2 (Slave) 
- Specify a data source name in order of "DB#1, DB2" to a policy server. 
? Outline of scenario 
(1) DB#1 (Master) under connection stops and fail over is carried out to DB#2 (Slave). 
(2) By setup by the side of DB, demote DB#1 to Slave and promote DB#2 to Master. 
(3) With restoration of DB#1, again, promote DB#1 to Master and demote DB#2 to Slave after that by the side of DB




From the policy server, an order of a connection destination is only specified. 
It is not recognized by the policy server side that the setup is master or slave on the side of DB. 
The reboot of a policy server is unnecessary, since the policy server will reconnect when the policy server detects restoration of DB#1.