Is it possible to use the search keyword with wildcard in the lookup field of the search filter on the list screen?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there the way to use the wildcard '%' in the lookup field in the search filter on the list screen? For example, A user sets some characters with the wildcard '%' to the provider CI field on the 'Configuration Item Relationship List' screen, and hit the tab key to move the cursor, the popup window will appear to select a specific value as the below screenshots. Is it possible to search the record by the search keyword that includes the wildcard '%' with the lookup field? 


  1. Go to the Administration tab > CA CMDB > CI Relationship List.

  2. Set 'CI%' to the Provider CI lookup filed. And hit tab key to move a cursor from the lookup field.

  3. The Configuration Item List will show up to make user select a specific value that the value is start from 'CI'. But a user would like to select all records that the provide CI is start from 'CI', not a specific one value.




When a user set a value with the wildcard '%' to the lookup field, the list screen will appear as a design behavior. If a user expects to use the wildcard there, it is possible to click the 'Close Window' link at the upper right of the screen to close the list screen(at the above #3 screenshot), and click search button on the screen as it is. Then, the search will use the search keyword that contains the wildcard. 

Here is the scenario after the above #3 in the Question.

4. Click the 'Close Window' on the Configuration Item List screen. And go back to the 'Configuration Item Relationship List' screen.

5. Click the 'Search' button as it is without changing any value in the search keyword.


6. The search result will show up as a user expects.