Is it possible to run CA PLEU Extract jobs and process Adabas Protection Log (PLOG) files when Adabas is not available?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It would be desirable to offload batch work and run the CA PLEU Extract jobs to process the PLOG files on a separate LPAR. However, the Adabas databases do not run on the other LPAR.


Yes, if a CA PLEU SAVEFDTS file is available then access to an active database is not required. In order to process Adabas Protection logs, CA PLEU must know the FDT (Field Description Table) or layout of the files being extracted. File FDTs are obtained either by reading them directly from an active database or they can be obtained from a CA PLEU SAVEFDTS file.

The CA PLEU SAVEFDTS utility reads the FDTs for all files on an Adabas database and creates a sequential data set containing the necessary FDT information. This SAVEFDTS file can be used to provide the FDT information to the CA PLEU extract jobs instead of the accessing the database to read the FDTs directly. The SAVEFDTS file can be used to completely replace accessing the database such as running the CA PLEU extract jobs on an LPAR separate from the databases or it can be used for only certain files and the database used for the remaining files.

Once the appropriate SAVEFDTS file(s) has been created, the CA PLEU extract job is modified to include the necessary DD statements to reference the applicable SAVEFDTS data sets and the CA PLEU GLOBALS FDTDDNAME parameter must be included.

Example 1: Read all file FDTs from a single SAVEFDTS data set

//FDTDB99 DD DSN=....

Example 2: Read the FDTs for individual Adabas files (file 10 and 15) from separate SAVEFDTS data sets - FDT10 and FDT15, respectively, while all other FDTs are read directly from the active database

//FDT10 DD DSN=...
//FDT15 DD DSN=...

Example 3: Read all FDTs from the FDTALL SAVEFDTS data set except files 7, 8, and 9 are to use the FDT789 data set and the files 15 and 20 are to use the FDT1520 data set. No FDT information is read from the database.

//FDT789  DD DSN=...
//FDT1520 DD DSN=...

Note: If the FDT for a file changes, then a new SAVEFDTS file must be created; otherwise, the CA PLEU extract job will use the wrong file layout and that could result in S0C7 abends.