CA IDMS Generate DMCL source from load module

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Last Modified Date : 20/08/2018
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When the source for a DMCL  is not in the dictionary, is there  a way to decompile the load module and produce the source that matches it?


There's no utility or method to decompile a DMCL load module and get the source syntax.
However, there are two ways to get information about what is in a DMCL load module which can be used to create compatible source. 

  1. Punch the DMCL load module in hex, and use the DSECTs to interpret what's there

  2. Issue a LOOK DMCL or run IDMSLOOK in batch against the DMCL. The LOOK utility will read the load module and produce a report of what it contains. Then create DMCL source based on that information. Use the following syntax in batch:


The easiest approach is to recreate source based on the information from the LOOK output (option #2 above).



Additional Information:

See DocOps section IDMSLOOK and Defining, Generating, and Punching a DMCL