Is it possible to create annotations in bulk, in OneCLICK topology containers?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We need to create a massive amount of annotations in Spectrum OneCLICK topology containers, but to do so manually requires a huge effort.

Is it possible to create annotations in bulk, in OneCLICK topology containers e.g. using the modelling gateway and are there any dangers in doing so?  



The OneCLICK topology container annotations are stored as packed data, and editing packed data may cause SSDB corruption, so we do NOT support it.  



However some customers have successfully done this by copying the required hex data,  verbatim without editing it.  e.g.

1. Export a container using the modelling gateway and save the xml file containing the exported topology.

2. Add an annotation to the container in the OC topology. e.g. “test_annotation_shane”

3. Export again and compare the exported topologies.

4. The difference in the xml output of a container x, after adding an annotation y, in its entirety is what needs to be added to container z, in the import xml, to add the same annotation y to it.




group_list=""                                                               annotation=""



If you are going to work with packed data, do not edit it, as it will introduce corruption into the SSDB. Ensure you have an OnlineBackup file for the SSdb first.

The described workaround will also work cross-platform so it may allow you to verify in a Spectrum_Windows test-installation and you can then apply this to Spectrum/SpectroSERVER hosted on any other platform.


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