Is Custom Auto Access Right creation in PPM Possible?

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Last Modified Date : 25/01/2019
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Is Custom Auto Access Right creation in Clarity PPM Possible? We are looking for a way to define an Auto Access Right similar to Project - Manager (Auto) for a custom attribute to create auto access rights based on that attribute. We currently have to manually add/remove access rights.
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Auto access rights are system based and can't be created in PPM. Project - Manager(auto) access rights directly get added in account of resource who is marked as project manager. 

There are few approaches to add access rights in ca ppm:

1. Go to object ->Project->view->Layout edit->subpage->select the display condition by the OBS vs attribute  

2. Go to groups-filter the groups->add the resource in the instance based and add all the projects

3. Create a gel script process which can check the attribute value and then add the access rights directly to resource for the Subpage. Example: Lead engineer -> true ->add the subpage access rights  directly. You can set up the start option to the condition. 

Additional Information:

All auto access rights details are in the above link.