Is CA-XPS required for Cross-Platform Scheduling?

Document ID : KB000055843
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Cross-Platform Scheduling Router (CA-XPS Router) is required when Unicenter TNG submits a job to run on OS/390. CA-XPS routes the request from Unicenter TNG to CA-Scheduler (or CA-7 or CA-Jobtrac). CA-XPS is not used when jobs are submitted from CA-Scheduler to Unicenter TNG or to CA-Scheduler Agent.

CA-XPS is installed by applying FMID CJE1000. This FMID is available on the CA-Scheduler service pack tapes or the TNG Framework for OS/390 tape.

CA-XPS also provides some useful utilities for cross-platform, such as the program CAXPINQU to display all of the CAICCI nodes known to OS/390 (equivalent of the CCII command on Windows NT or Unix). You may want to have CA-XPS installed just to have access to these utilities.