Is a DMSAR REFRESH or REMOVE & INSTALL required after CA Disk maintenance ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/01/2019
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We are going to install some CA Disk maintenance. We are using the auto-restore function and so with every IPL we run S DMSAR,DMSAR=INSTALL to install the CA Disk Catalog management hook.  

Our question is this:  After we apply CA Disk maintenance to a running system (by updating the load modules in our CA Disk CCUWLOAD runtime load library,  is it required or even recommended that we do a refresh of the Catalog management hooks (using S DMSAR,DMSAR=REFRESH) ?


The REMOVE & INSTALL of the auto-restore hooks is needed only when the CA Disk maintenance affects the hooks themselves. This would be indicated in the corresponding PTF as an ACTION HOLD.
If nothing related to DMSAR hooks is mentioned, you can just do a REFRESH to be sure to get any recent load modules active.

Regarding the ramifications of DMSAR=REMOVE followed by an INSTALL in a live busy system, you need to consider that during that time window, DMSAR would not be available for auto-restore, causing the failure of tasks unable to locate required archived data sets.

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