Is 64 bit supported for the CA Gen 8.5 .NET proxies

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Last Modified Date : 06/06/2018
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Is 64 bit supported for the CA Gen 8.5 proxies? Reason I’m asking is we are having performance issues with some CP applications while testing the SQL Server upgrade from 2008 to 2016. The application is not connecting to SQL Server Native Client 11.0 (64 bit).
The .NET Proxies are compiled in C# and at runtime it is controlled by Microsoft CLR (Common Language Runtime) which is part of the .NET Framework. The Microsoft CLR will decides how it executes code. From doing searches, if all code in the application and the proxy are 64 bit compatible, then it should run in a 64 bit environment. Sustaining Engineering has researched and found that the proxies have the ANYCPU option which tells the CLR that it is 32 or 64 bit compatible. If the application that calls the proxy is 64 bit, then the CLR should run the application and the proxy as 64 bit code.