Investment is not Available to be Added to Hierarchy

Document ID : KB000112218
Last Modified Date : 29/03/2019
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Why are some investments not available when attempting to add as a child under the Hierarchy tab of an Application or Project instance? 
When adding child investments to a Project or Application Hierarchy, not all investments are visible. The list of investments on the browse window for adding a child investment shows only investments in the same entity as the parent investment. The entity is determined by the department OBS. If the parent investment has no entity, the list includes all investments with no associated entity.

To add a child project from another entity, use this procedure:
  1. Click the Properties tab menu and select Subprojects. 
  2. Click Add. 
  3. Apply filter criteria to identify investments. 
  4. Select the check box for one or more investments and click Add. 
The investment will then be added to the Hierarchy automatically. If the investment does not appear as a child on the hierarchy list and still cannot be manually added, it may be due to orphan hierarchy association records in the inv_flat_hierarchies table. 

The following query can be used to check if this is the case: 

         select * from inv_flat_hierarchies where child_id = <internal id of the parent investment>

When looking at the results of this query, the values in the Parent_ID column are the parents of this parent investment. There will be a record listing itself as its own parent, and this line is expected. The other values on this column represent the internal ID of other investments that are also the parent of this parent investment. Orphan records would be ones that do not show as a parent investment of the parent in the UI under the Hierarchy - Parents subpage, but do show as a parent on the query results. 

Since the same investment cannot be both a parent and a child of the same investment, this would prevent the investment from being able to be added as a child of the parent investment on the hierarchy. 

For assistance in correcting these orphan records, please contact Broadcom Support.