Investment missing from "Resource Allocations" Advanced Report

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Last Modified Date : 20/04/2018
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The "Resource Allocations and Assignments Resource Management (PMO Accelerator)" Report is missing an Investment for the selected Project Manager.
The Project and Resource are setup okay.

There are no log errors for the Load Data Warehouse Job, which ran successfully the night before.
In this instance, rerunning the Load Data Warehouse Job as a Partial Load corrected the issue.
If this had not worked, then a Full Load would have been performed at the next step.

The bg-dwh.log did show any issues in this case, such as the Background Server going down or other errors.
See the logs at https://<<Server Name>> 

There is a list of pre-requisites for the "Resource Allocations and Assignments" Report (See Additional Information). If one of them has not been met, such as a change to a Time Slice, then that may have caused the lack of update until the Load Data Warehouse Job was run again. For example:
  • Run the Load Data Warehouse and Load Data Warehouse Access Rights jobs before you run this report. If the Data Warehouse is not populated, the report displays a message that there are no matching records. Also, most of the report parameters do not display options.

The checklist for troubleshooting missing information from an Advanced Report is:
  • Rerun any ancillary Jobs and then the Load Data Warehouse Job (Full preferred). 
  • Check the Logs through Jobs for any issues and security.logs for bg-dwh.log for more details. 
  • Look at the documentation on that Report for pre-requisites. 
  • "Check the plug" - Make sure that there is data present, that the Filters are right and so on.
Additional Information:
CA PPM 15.4 (SaaS) Resource Allocations and Assignments