Investment Allocation job changes Last Updated by and Date for investments in PPM Clarity

Document ID : KB000036455
Last Modified Date : 23/01/2019
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When we run the Investment Allocation job in PPM Clarity, it updates "Last Updated By" and "Last Updated Date" for the corresponding investments.


This is working as designed. The investment allocation job updates components of the project including: Last Updated Date and Last Updated By. The last updated by field will change to the owner of the Investment Allocation job. 



As per current design these will fields will change when the Investment Allocation job is run. 

Some options to workaround the behavior:
  1. The owner of the Investment Allocation job could be changed to a generic user who does not make changes via the UI such as "Admin" to help distinguish between a job action making the change versus a UI update. 
  2. Audit the specific attributes that you would like to have tracked. This will then keep the history of who made any changes to those fields
    • To enable auditing, in PPM go to Administration->Studio->Objects, click on the object the attribute belongs to, and click on the Audit tab. 
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