Invalid PROC LIST entry found message flooding the stdlog

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Last Modified Date : 01/02/2019
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After upgrading CA Service Desk from 14.1.03 to 17.1, the customer noticed the message below flooding the stdlog:

slump_nxd 2656 ERROR list.c 1948 Invalid PROC_LIST entry found (pdm_tomcat-<server name>)

It appears a lot and makes going through stdlog difficult.
Service Desk 17.1
Service Desk 17.0
Service Desk 14.1
Slump has a kind of list where processes are registered. Somehow slump is being contacted by a process that is not registered and it causes the message "Invalid PROC_LIST entry found". If can be caused by upgrading processes when servers are started up at different moments or in the case of Advance Availability, during a failover procedure when something goes wrong.
In order to stop the message appearing and flooding the stdlog, stop all servers, including background, stand-by and applications serves. After stopping all services, make sure there is no remaining processes running. If you find some, kill them manually. When you are sure there is no processes related to Service Desk running, start all servers again.