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The error for "Invalid Object Name" occurs when the Report Server can not find the tables in the database. When the "Invalid Object Name" message is displayed it is always followed by the Report Server table name it can not find. This error can also be seen in rsisrv.txt file located in the \Eureka\Reporter\Server\bin directory, and the rsmonitor.txt located in C:\WINNT\system32.

Operating Systems:
CleverPath Eureka Reporter Server version 7.0 is supported on Windows NT and Windows 2000. Version 7.1 is supported on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. Version 7.2 is supported on Win2000 and Windows 2003.

The first and most common reason this might occur is failing to initialize the database tables after a new install of the Report Server. After a fresh install of the Report Server you must initialize the tables from the Report Server Manager. If this is not done immediately after the install you will receive a "Client Type 7000" from Report Designer and "Invalid Object Name "Table Name"" on every folder in the Report Server Manager until the tables are initialized.

If you have already initialized your tables the issue may be related to the Data Source. Modify the DSN in the ODBC admin. The ODBC Administrator is located in the Administrative tools area of the Control Panel. Once in the ODBC administrator, find your RptServer DSN and double click on it. Look for the default database. If your scheduler database is not the default database, set it as the default. The screen shot below shows a SQL Server DSN using the "reporter" database as the default.

Another reason this error might occur is when the user for the database does not have appropriate permissions to view or write to the Report Server database. Please consult with your DBA for help in creating and assigning permissions in your database. If you are using SQL Server as your Report Server repository please look at: TEC265021 Setting up Sql Server as the Report Server Repository from



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