Internal Server Error when accessing some Machine Settings pages in MTP-TIM 9.7.

Document ID : KB000030463
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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On accessing the Network Configuration or Time Zone Settings pages on MTP hosting 9.7 TIM, an "Internal Server Error" may occur for the web page.



The machine settings for MTP-TIM are accessed either through the System Setup > Machine Settings <TIM build> link or directly through the Machine Settings option.

The "Internal Server Error" problem is caused by files being transferred between Windows and Unix machines which places carriage-returns in the files.

To verify the problem, first check the URL of the page that is not loading, for example for network setup:


<MTP host>/cgi-bin/wily/packages/machine/machine-settings/network?webRequestId=id_07011613A24412E31262C


This leads to looking inside the directory: /var/www/cgi-bin/wily/packages/machine/machine-settings


Opening the network file with vi or "cat -v", a carriage return ^M is seen at the end of each line.


To resolve, try the following:

- Make a backup of the original files as a precaution and then running the dos2unix command on each file.


The following four files in the same folder are affected by this problem:

  • ipv6
  • network
  • setnetwork
  • timezone


The problem is fixed in the next release, APM 10.0.