Internal CPU Monitor for ENF?

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Last Modified Date : 23/02/2018
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I was wondering if there is anything internal to ENF that monitors its own CPU usage, particularly if it is starting to get excessive.
Are there any messages that get generated in the STC that would indicate this ? 
CA Common Services 14.1 - z/OS supported releases - 
You will find the following information in CA Common Services 14.1 documentation: 

1. Checking CPU Consumption at the url: 

You can report on the CPU consumption of health checks, whether running locally or remotely. You can obtain a report of the CPU consumption using CA SYSVIEW or z/OS console commands. 

CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management 

This product provides you with the HCHECKER command for displaying IBM Health Checker for z/OS information. For example: 

HC CA_= 
Entered as a primary command, displays all CA product health checks. For more information about the HCHECKER command, see the CA SYSVIEW help menu by typing “HELP HCHECKER.” 

You will find more information about CA Health Checker at the url: 

2. DISPLAY CPU at the url: 

This command lists CPU usage by user ID and ISET. 

Display Cpu {ISET|USERid} 

Lists CPU usage by ISET name. 

Lists CPU usage by user ID. 

3. Resource Consumption: 

Depending on installation-controlled tracing options, significant SPOOL space can be used. Spooled log files can be closed 
and spun at any time by operator command. 
During operation, CA-GSS performs minimal I/O. Therefore, the location of data sets is not a concern. 

CPU utilization is not significant. <== CPU UTILIZATION IS NOT SIGNIFICANT 

While it is possible to cause excessive CPU consumption by making incorrect or inappropriate requests to CA-GSS, 
internal resource-limiting techniques minimize this possibility. 

4. ENF Enhancements: 

Improved how ENF locates dynamically loaded routines 
The ENF method of locating dynamically loaded routines has been modified to reduce the CPU consumption.