Intermittent Load failures in CV after recompiling linking IDMS-DC user program

Document ID : KB000056903
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Client reports intermittently getting Load failures in CV after recompiling/linking a user program with message IEW4008I FETCH FAILED FOR MODULE <program name> FROM DDNAME CDMSLIB BECAUSE OF AN ERROR IN CONVERTING A TTR. 


z/OS System messages manual explains: 

"An error occurred in converting relative track address (TTR) to cylinder, head and record address (MBCCHHR). 

It is possible that the dataset was opened with DISP=SHR by a concurrent task and was updated to cause the number of extents to be increased. In that case the error will persist until the DCB is closed and reopened to cause the DEB to reflect the new extents. " 

This is a long time known problem where the loadlib in question grows a new extent when a program is link edited into it. 

If you encounter this, you can issue command DCMT V LOADLIB CDMSLIB OFF and DCMT V LOADLIB CDMSLIB ON.

Until such time as you can arrange to expand the loadlib in question, you can VARY LOADLIB CDMSLIB OFF/ON  after relinking a program and before Varying NC and attempting to load. 

Expanding the loadlib in question so that new Linkedits will not cause new extents (at least for a while) will prevent this problem.