Intermittent errors when running Business Objects reports from the application. Reports work some or most of the time.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following errors can occur Intermittently when running Business Objects reports from CA Clarity PPM. Reports will display correctly after another attempt is made to generate the report.

An error occurred at the server: The object you are trying to access (ID = 13207) has type CrystalEnterprise.Report. The Page Server only supports objects of type CrystalEnterprise.Report. Please select a different object.


An error occurred at the server:: The report you are trying to access (ID = 79671) has recently been removed from the server, it never existed, or you do not have the right to see this report. Please select a different report.


Report Linking Error Function getReportSource: Cannot find report or report instance...



The resolution is to remove and reinstall the Crystal Job server from the BO Central Configuration Manager.

  • Log on to the Business Objects server or connect via remote desktop.
  • Create a local directory to be used a BO temp directory. You will be prompted when re-adding the service. For example you can create one called C:\tempbo
  • On the BO server Launch the Central Configuration Manager.
  • Stop the Crystal Reports Job Server.
  • Remove the Crystal reports job server by Clicking the Black X in the top tool bar.
  • Then Click the Blue + (plus sign) to add the service back on.
  • Click Next
  • On the Server Type and Display name screen:
    Select Server type "Job Server"
    Enter Display name "Crystal Reports Job Server"
  • Click Next
  • Enter the BO Administrator Password
  • Click Next
  • On the Set Configurations for this server screen
    Enter you temp directory. C:\tempbo
    Select "Report" as Objects to Process.
  • Click Finish
  • Before starting the new job server.
    Locate it in the list and Right
    Click it and Choose Properties.
  • At the end of the Command line add: -type OUTPROC
  • Then restart the new Crystal Reports Job Server

To verify the service is enabled after the changes:

  • Open a Browser to connect to the Central Management Console. The URL will be similar to: http://localhost:8080/businessobjects/enterprise115/admin/en/admin.cwr
  • Select the Servers link.
  • Select the checkbox for any disabled servers.
  • Press the Enable button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Run a report from within the CA PPM application.

    Note: If problem is still not solved, flush the cache. If some changes were made within CA PPM System Administration (CSA) application but the services were never restarted so as a result the cache holds the older information. By flushing the cache, the system repopulates the cache with newer data.