Interface is shown twice on Interface Tab in Spectrum

Document ID : KB000117014
Last Modified Date : 08/10/2018
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On a Cisco 3650 switch, the Uplink Interface Gi1/1/1 is modeled twice on the device. One directly on the switch and once in the module section. In this case the Gi1/1/1 is a SFP in the fixed upload module.
Is this working as designed and how can I remove one entry?
Spectrum 10.2.x
The way the Uplink Interface is being displayed in Spectrum is correct.

To remove the entity entry there are 2 options available:
  1. Set MIB permission on the device not to allow Spectrum to query the entity MIB information
  2. Set EnableEntityModuleModeling attribute (0x12e5f) to No
Using option 2 will remove it from the Navigation Panel - Chassis Manager but the entity information will be still shown in the Component Detail Panel - Information - Entity View.