Integrating Continuous Delivery Edition a.k.a. CDE with CDE Jenkins Plugins

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Post configuring the Continuous Delivery Edition a.k.a. CDE Jenkins plugin, when we run the build in Jenkins it show status "Success" but nothing is triggering at CDE. This is the most general scenario been faced during integrating CDE jenkins plugin with CDE.




CDE jenkins version: 6.3CDE version: 6.3

We are going to do some configuration required to consume the notification send by CDE Jenkins plugin in CDE so that Phase start automatically on successful build of jenkins project.

CDE configuration

1: Create the phase in CDE and it should be configured to be Automatic

2: Create the task (it can be of any type) and it should be marked to deploy the content of same application & version mentioned in Jenkins under post-build action “Send Notification to CDE”. This task should be the first task in the phase. Please see example step configuration below

 Step configuration.png

3: Now in Jenkins build the project and post successful build at Jenkins the CDE phase will be automatically executed.

      On successful notification send Jenkins output will show something like below.


        Got response from CDE: {"data":{"className":"BuildNotificationResponseDto","applicationVersionId":1,"applicationId":2,"applicationVersionBuildDto":{"className":"ApplicationVersionBuildDto","applicationVersionName":"1","applicationVersionBuildNumber":"11","applicationName":"Test Application"},"applicationVersionBuildId":2}}

Finished: SUCCESS

   CDE phase executed automatically

CDE phase.png


Additional Information:

If you are facing some issue of unable to find CDE jenkins plugin configuration options review document TEC1964022