Integrate CA Client Automation with CA Service Desk

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Integrate CA Client Automation with CA Service Desk.

All versions of CA Client Automation.

There are 2 ways to create a CA Service Desk ticket within CA Client Automation - Manual and Automatic. We can trigger a Service Desk ticket by right-clicking a computer and choosing the option 'Create Service Desk ticket..' or configure a policy to automatically create a Service Desk ticket when a policy violation occurs.


1. Before we start integrating CA Client Automation with CA Service Desk, create the 'System_MA_User' account in CA Service Desk which will be used for integration. For more information on the 'System_MA_User' account please refer techdoc TEC476750.


2. Once the account is created, logoff and try logging into CA Service Desk using the 'System_MA_User' account to validate that the account is functional.



3. In the Service Desk menu, click on Search->Contacts.



4. In the 'User ID' text box key in 'System_MA_User' and click on the 'Search' button.



 5. Verify that the 'System_MA_User' account has access type 'Analyst'.



 6. In the DSM Explorer, navigate to Control Panel->Configuration->Configuration Policy->Default Computer Policy. Right-click the policy and click 'Unseal'.



 7. Within the Default Computer policy, navigate to Service Desk Integration->Default. Double click the 'Enabled' parameter and change the value to 'True'. Click OK.



 8. Set the parameter 'Type of Logon to Service Desk' to 'notmanaged'. Click OK.



 9. Configure the 'Service Desk Endpoint' parameter. The value should be the URL of the Service Desk Web Service. Click OK.




 10. Provide the password of the 'System_MA_User' account for the 'Logon Password' parameter.




11. Right-click the policy and seal it.



12. Wait for sometime for the configuration policy to be applied.


13. Close the DSM Explorer and launch it again to be able to see the 'Create Service Desk ticket' option. To manually create a CA Service Desk ticket, right-click any computer and you will see the option.




14. Click on the 'Create Service Desk ticket..' option and it will create a Service Desk ticket.



15. We can now configure policies within CA Client Automation to open a CA Service Desk ticket, when the policy is violated. As an example let us configure the 'Asset low on resources' policy to automatically create a CA Service Desk ticket.



16. Right-click the policy and select 'Properties'.



17. Within the 'Policy Designer' window that pops up, click on 'Service Desk' option.



18. Enable the option 'Enable Service Desk Integration'. Click OK. When a violation of the policy occurs, a Service Desk ticket is created automatically.



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